Chairman's Message

Its glorious spring with fruit trees in blossom and green with leaf.

This is the time to think about the berries or fruit you plan to ferment this summer. If you want advice, encouragement, or have problems you want answers to, think about coming to the next meeting of the Fruit Winemaking Association.

Several of our Members took up the challenge to make a carrot wine over winter and hopefully we'll be able to judge and compare their efforts in the months ahead.

Many of us are busy planning for the Australian Fruit Wine Show to be held early February 2017 and of course, following the Show here will be a Fruit Wine Festival in the Barn at Rosny where the public can taste the entries. Entry forms for the Show will be available from this Website in the weeks ahead.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 10 November 2016 7pm at the Civic Club in Hobart. If you would like more information please contact the for details.

If you are interested in joining the Fruit Winemaking association you can do so whilst a guest at one of our meetings or return a completed Membership invitation along with your Membership dues.

Terry Simms, Chairman